Crochet Bunny Face 3D Flower Free Pattern

Hey Lovelies I am back again with new crochet Pattern for free! In This page we share various types of crochet/ knitting patterns from all over the world, and I’m not the owner of any of these patterns. I just translate them in English for you, in today’s blog I’m gonna share this beautiful cute little bunny faced amigurami Flower pattern,You can easily make one! You can also check out our other free crochet patterns as well as follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest for your daily pattern! I hope you like this pattern and do leave a comment here. Now moving back to our Cute little bunny flower!

Crochet Bunny Face 3D Flower Free Pattern

Skill level: Easy
Duration: Depends

Materials & Tools
2.3mm hook
Acrylic yarn in white, light pink, green and red or You can use your preferred yarns too .For eyes use white and black combined beads.

Abbreviation used:
Mr : magic ring
Sc : single crochet
dc : double crochet
Hdc : half double crochet
Sl st : slip stitch
Inc: increase
Dec: decrease

BUNNY FACE **with white yarn :
Round 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6) Round 2: Increase in each stitch (12) Round 3: (1sc,inc)*6 times[18] Round 4: (2sc, Inc)*6 times[24] Round 5: (3sc,inc)*6 times [30] Round 6: (4sc,inc)*6 times [36] Round 7: ( 5 sc,inc)*6 times [42] Round 8 to Round 11 : Sc in each stitch for four rounds [42] Round 12: ( 5 sc,dec)*6 times [36] Round 13: (4 sc, dec)*6 times [30] Round 14: ( 3 sc, dec)* 6 times [24]। **Now it’s time to put the eyes in face .So here I’m using bead eyes ,you can use yours preference here. I am going to put them more or less on round number 8. There are 7 stitches between two eyes! now make a triangle shaped cute little nose of the bunny.Use light pink yarn and also make two brows too .For assembly see image below!

Now moving to next round. Round 15 : ( 2 sc,dec)*6 times [18] Stuff here,fill inside fully . Round 16: ( 1 sc,dec)*6 times [12] Round 17: 6 dec (6] Pull tight and fasten off the yarn, leave a long tail for sewing.Now the head part is finished,Next We have to make the bunny ears !

Bunny Ears (Make Two) : Start Using pink 10 chains . Skip first ch ,1sc ,1 hdc,5 dc, 3sc . reverse the round by doing sc,5 dc, 1 hdc, 2 sc and fasten off the yarn. Now do sc around with white yarn and put the wire inside to make it flexible.See image below!

Now it’s time to make the petals.Here I have used red yarn for petals , you can use your own! Let’s start. Make 40 chains ,join with a slip stitch and make sure that your chain is not twisted. [Ch 1,1 hdc and 1 dc in next ch,2 double treble crochet in next , 1 dc and 1 hdc in next ch , Slip stitch in next ch ]*Repeat the same pattern for each petals around. At the end of the Round we have 10 petals in total.

Now we are going to take our stick for skewers and put some silicon on top of it ,so that when it goes inside the head it won’t come off, now close the hole by sewing. Now we are going to wrap a green tap through the entire stick ,what will be the stem of this rabbit flower . Crochet two leaves to make it more realistic.Now put the petals ring on head ,sew it througly.Set the bunny ears on top of the head . That’s it ,it will look nice

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