How to Crochet BTS ARMY BOMB : Easy Pattern

Helloooo my dear Crochet lovers! Hope you all are as good as I m ! Here I share various types of Crochet projects written pattern for free.Crochet Amigurami,crochet toys, doilies,tablemates,dolls,door hangins, curtains, animals, flowers etc.So in today’s article we gonna share this cute little BTS ARMY BOMB pattern, So all the ARMY around the world get ready to Crochet your own handmade cute little key chain light stick.

How to Crochet BTS ARMY BOMB

This is very easy to make and also you can gift to your close one who is also an BTS ARMY! Materials used: Black ,Red and White acrylic yarn and a 1.9 mm Crochet Hook. This project is from bottom to top .

R-1>8 sc in magic ring(8)
R-2>change colour to Black,do 8 sc around(8)
R-3 to R-11> 8 sc all around for 10 rows(8)
R- 12> change to white,Inc in each stitch FLO(16)
R-13> 1 sc, inc(24)
R-14> 2sc,inc(32)
R -15 to R-17> 32 sc all around for 3 rows (32)
R-18> 2 sc, invisible dec(24)
R-19> 1 sc, invisible dec (16)
R- 20> invisible dec (8)

Chain 20 and Do 19 hdc , Fasten off and sew to the black stick.See image for assembly. Pointer with black yarn : Make 8 sc in magic ring, R2-Sc all around (8).Pull tight and fasten off, leave enough extra yarn for sewing.take a little bit of red yarn ,make 2 knot in middle and then pull inside the pointer.Sew the pointer to the head of the light stick horizontally.

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