Crochet Amigurami Doll Free Pattern

Hello my dear lovely Crochet Lovers, I’m here again with a brand new Crochet Amigurami Doll Pattern for free.You cam easily make it on your own.The original pattern is by Petus YouTube channel.

Muneca Alexa was the first doll I tried from Petus youtube channel. She is a mexican crochet doll designer, but unfortunately her channel is only in spanish, for the moment.Here I’m sharing the English written pattern! Hope you like it too and do visit the owner’s channel for video tutorial.


Abbreviations used:
 ch – chain
 sc – single crochet
 hdc – half double crochet
 dc – double crochet
 V – increase
 X – decrease
 BLO – back loop only
 I worked with cotton yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook for the doll and for the cat, so the doll is approximately 24 cm tall. For the dress, I used a smaller hook, but you might want to use a bigger hook, especially if you’re using a thinner yarn, like I did!
1.LEGS (work in spiral)
 [in blue]
 R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
 R2: 6V (12)
 R3: (1sc, 1V)x6 (18)
 R4: (2sc, 1V)x6 (24)
 R5: (3sc, 1V)x6 (30)
 R6: (4sc, 1V)x6 (36)
 [in maroon]
 R7: 36sc (36); we prepare a plastic disk with the same diameter as the blue disk obtained earlier.
 [in blue]
 R8-R12: 36sc (36); we introduce the plastic disk into the shoe.
 [in skin color]
 R13: 5sc, 13X, 5sc (23)
 R14: 8sc, 3X, 9sc (20)
 R15: 6sc, 4X, 6sc (16)
 R16-R30: 16sc (16)
 [in blue]
 R31: [in BLO] (7sc, 1V)x2 (18)
 R32: (2sc, 1V)x6 (24)
 R33: (3sc, 1V)x6 (30)
 R1: Around the base of every sc on round 31, work 18 sc (18)
 R2: (1sc, 1hdc, 2ch, 1hdc in second ch from hook, 1sc – in same sc, skip 1sc)x 9 picots
 Shoe strap:
 14 ch, return with 13 sc, finish.
 2. BODY (work in spiral)
 [in blue]
 R34: We connect the legs in the center with 6sc (side by side), then we crochet around 48sc (48)
 R35-41: 48sc (48)
 [in skin color]
 R42: [in BLO] 48sc (48)
 R43-45: 48sc (48)
 R46: (6sc, 1X)x6 (42)
 R47-48: 42sc (42)
 R49: (5sc, 1dec)x6 (36)
 R50-52: 36sc (36)
 R53: (4sc, 1X)x6 (30)
 R54-R55: 30sc (30); we start to fill the doll body and place the plastic stick/copper wire in the center.
 R56: (3sc, 1X)x6 (24)
 R57-R59: 24sc (24)
 R60: (2sc, 1X)x6 (18)
 R61: (1sc, 1X)x6 (12)
 R62: 6X (6)
 R63-65: 6sc (6) (you may want to make just two rows with 6sc…)
 3. ARMS (work in spiral)
 R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
 R2: 6V (12)
 R3-R5: 6sc (12)
 R6: Cluster of 3 hdc,  secure cluster with 1sc, 11sc (13)
 R7: skip 1ch, (1sc, 1X)x4 (8)
 R8: (1sc, 1V)x4 (12) – we introduce the wire
 R9-R17: 12sc (12)
 R18: (1sc, 1X)x4 (8)
 R19: (1sc, 1V)x4 (12)
 R20-R27: 12sc (12)
 R28: 6sc, 6hdc (mirror for the other arm)
 We attach the arms to the body…
 4. HEAD (work in spiral)
 R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
 R2: 6V (12)
 R3: (1sc, 1V)x6 (18)
 R4: (2sc, 1V)x6 (24)
 R5: (3sc, 1V)x6 (30)
 R6: (4sc, 1V)x6 (36)
 R7: (5sc, 1V)x6 (42)
 R8: (6sc, 1V)x6 (48)
 R9: (7sc, 1V)x6 (54)
 R10: 54sc (54)
 R11: (8sc, 1V)x6 (60)
 R12-R18: 60sc (60)
 R19: (8sc, 1X)x6 (54)
 R20: 54 sc (54)
 R21: (7sc, 1X)x6 (48)
 R22: (6sc, 1X)x6 (42)
 R23: (5sc, 1X)x6 (36)
 R24: (4sc, 1X)x6 (30)
 R25: (3sc, 1X)x6 (24)
 R26: (2 sc, 1X)x6 (18); we fill the head and we leave room for the plastic stick / copper wire. We embroider the eyes and the other features, we prepare the hair…
 R27: (1sc, 1X)x6 (12)
 R28: 6sc (6); connect head to the body…
 5. HAIR (work in rows)
 R1: 20ch, return
 R2: 6sc, 12hdc, 5ch, return
 R3: 3+12hdc,  6sc. Repeat until row
 R35: 3+12hdc, 6sc. Fasten off really tight, by passing the yarn through the extreme waves of hair.
 Pig Tails:
 31ch for the short ones
 41ch for the long ones, return
 2sc in each ch, return
 2sc in each sc6. DRESS (you might want to use a bigger hook, work in rows)
 R1: 31ch
 R2: 30sc (30)
 R3: 1ch, (1sc, 1V)x15 (45)
 R4: 1ch, 45sc (45)
 R5: 1ch, 6sc, 6ch, skip 10sc, 13sc, 6ch, skip 10sc, 6sc (25+12)
 R6: [in BLO] 37sc (37)
 R7-R15: 37sc (37)
 R16: [in BLO] (4sc, 1V)x7, 2sc (44)
 R17: (5sc, 1inc)x7, 2sc (51)
 R18-R19: 51sc (51)
 R20: (6sc, 1V)x7, 2sc (58)
 R21: 58sc (58)
 R22: (7sc, 1V)x7, 2sc (65)
 R23: 65sc
 R24: [in BLO] (8sc, 1V)x7, 2sc (72)
 R25-27: 72sc, fasten off.
 Using contrasting colors, in the front loops on rows R6, R16 and R24 we work clusters (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in same st, skip 2st, repeat – it will result 13 clusters on row R6 and R16. We repeat this for 5 rows, on the last row work 7 sc on each 2ch space.

I hope you enjoyed the pattern.
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Crochet Amigurami Doll

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